electric scatter
At electric scatter, I build interactive data visualizations for exploring complex topics.

The web offers profoundly new ways of presenting, analyzing, and interacting with information. Despite this, most online communication sticks with traditional mediums such as static videos, articles, and charts. While these formats work well for storytelling and can make difficult topics accessible, they are often at odds with the messiness and complexity of the real world.

At electric scatter, I take a different approach and build tools that are fundamentally interactive and open-ended. In these projects, I don't tell stories or offer simple takeaways and explanations. Instead, I want people to explore data, models, and processes themselves. Building these tools takes time and the results won't always be effective. However, I hope this site helps spread interactive, open-ended communication, and inspires others to work on similar projects.

The code for this site is available on github.

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about me

I'm a PhD student studying computational social science at Princeton. I use computational modeling and behavioral experiments to study how people deal with uncertainty and complexity. You can learn more about my research on my website.

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